A Scent-sory Experience: Catalan Maison’s Naked Candles

A Scent-sory Experience: Catalan Maison’s Naked Candles 

Catalan Maison offers curated decor for curated homes. All of our pieces are lovingly handcrafted by local artisans to bring Catalan’s love for luxury and elegance into your living space. 

The Naked Candle line is artfully shaped after the female form. Each hand-poured candle is made from a premium blend of soy wax and beeswax and is fitted with pure cotton and lead-free wicks. With three soothing scents to choose from, Catalan’s Naked Candles are the perfect companion for de-stressing and relaxing. 

The Ivory Naked Candle features a white candle infused with the scent of warm vanilla. The smooth scent of vanilla can improve your mood and make you feel uplifted, and a vanilla-scented candle can make for a great pick-me-up after a tiring day. 

The Rose Naked Candle combines the enchanting scents of English Pear and Freesia in a soft pink candle. The light, floral scent of this candle is wonderful for relaxing, and it makes you feel like you are being whisked off to the English countryside. To top it off, the candle is also infused with hints of patchouli, which is known to effectively enhance mood.

Finally, we have the Penny Naked Candle. The earthy brown Penny candle is infused with the magnetic scent of mulled wine. Think of the smell of pine trees and citrus tones combined with the rich scent of cinnamon and cloves. Its tantalizing aroma is reminiscent of the feeling of waking up on Christmas morning. 

If all three scents tickle your fancy, the Ménage à Trois Set is for you. In one set, you get the Ivory, Rose, and Penny Naked Candles-- perfect for decorating and adding a sense of calm to any room. After all, all good things come in threes.

Elevate your living space and engage your senses with Catalan’s Naked Candle line. Check it out at Catalan Maison.


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