Spotlight On: Catalan's 2021 Linen Series

Spotlight On: Catalan’s 2021 Linen Series

Embody effortless elegance with Catalan’s newest capsule collection: the 2021 Linen Series. Each piece is handcrafted from premium cotton linen and boasts of maximum comfort and durability. You can wear them anywhere, and you’re sure to make an impression everywhere you go.

In a fast-paced world where trends come and go, Catalan invites you to take a step back and enjoy fashion in the best way possible-- slowly and timelessly. Highlighting seasonless garments in classic neutrals, each piece in The Linen Series is sure to complement your wardrobe and be your next closet staple. With proper care, your Catalan pieces will last multiple seasons.

To give you a sneak peek of what’s in Catalan’s 2021 Linen Series, here’s what you can expect from the latest drop:

Daily Staples

 Catalan The Linen Series - Classic Linen Blazer


Classic Linen Blazer

Look sharp with the Linen Series’s casual blazer. Cool and comfortable, this blazer’s great for both facilitating business meetings and running errands. It’s made from a premium blend of cotton and linen, and it has exterior pockets for maximum functionality. The Classic Linen Blazer’s double front lining makes it exceptionally durable, and it’s stylish to boot. Choose between off-white or tan. Available in limited RTW and made to order.



 Classic Linen Pants

If you’re looking for breezy, lightweight trousers that will effortlessly match any top, the Classic Linen Pants may be the perfect pair for you. These pants can be mixed and matched with all plains and prints for an effortlessly fashionable get-up fit for any occasion. Choose between off-white or tan. Available in limited RTW and made to order.






Classic Linen Trouser Shorts

Similar to the Classic Linen Pants, these are cool and comfortable shorts fit for any occasion. Wear them on a day out in the town or to keep yourself cool in warm weather. These shorts have a gartered waistband that offers maximum security and sits snugly on your waist for the perfect. Choose between off-white or tan. Available in limited RTW and made to order.




Stylish RTWs




Asymmetric Linen String Dress

Look like a dream in this sexy, lightweight dress with tasteful string details. This asymmetric drape hugs and highlights your curves, and its gartered waist allows you to move freely and comfortably. With an open back and adjustable straps, this is one of the most versatile dresses you would find. 







Multiway Ruffle Wrap Skirt

Speaking of versatility, this multi-way skirt takes the crown. It comes in a gorgeous old rose shade, reminiscent of warm summer days in the sun, and it can be styled in many ways. You can even wear it as a short, flowy dress or an elegant blouse! And, the best part? The Multiway Ruffle Wrap Skirt is now available in 3 sizes for more comfortably fit and accentuate any shape and form.



Catalan’s 2021 Linen Series launches June 30th and we’re over the moon about it. The Linen Collection is now open for pre-orders, and all advanced orders get complimentary shipment. Learn more about the collection here.

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