Tencel Fabric: Better than Cotton? Everything You Need to Know About Tencel Fabric

Tencel Fabric: Better than Cotton? Everything You Need to Know About Tencel Fabric

Tencel™ Fabric: Better than Cotton? Everything You Need to Know About Tencel™ Fabric

Tencel™ fabric is something you might have encountered on your luxurious lifestyle pieces, but what exactly is it? In the vast tapestry of fabrics, Tencel™ stands out as both refined and revolutionary. Derived from sustainably sourced wood, Tencel™ fibers encompass the enchanting qualities of both lyocell and modal.

Now, you might wonder, why is Tencel™ being pitted against the timeless cotton? Tencel™ fabric boasts benefits that position it as a viable, and often superior, alternative. Let’s dive deeper into this fabric phenomenon and find out why you should shop Tencel™.

Why Tencel™ Makes Waves in the World of Fabrics

Renowned for their silky-smooth texture, Tencel fibers have found their niche in the realm of eco-conscious fashion. Its manufacturing embraces less harmful chemicals, which are recycled, leading to reduced waste. Additionally, Tencel™ prioritizes wood sourced from forests that practice sustainable harvesting.

Tencel™ fabric

Here are some of the reasons Tencel™ is being lauded as an eco-friendly fabric choice:

  • Eco-centric Origins: In an era where the environment resonates deeply with our lifestyle choices, Tencel™ stands at the forefront. Unlike many other fabrics, its production ensures environmentally responsible processes, turning natural raw materials into the soft, breathable fabric we've come to love.
  • Soft & Breathable: When you don Tencel™, you're enveloped in unparalleled softness, paired with a breathability that ensures comfort throughout. This means that with Tencel™, you’re clothed in an outfit that is stylish, comfortable, and functional– all day, every day.
  • Versatile and Durable: It’s not just soft. Tencel™ offers a versatility in design that cotton might find challenging to match. It's robust, maintains its lustrous sheen wash after wash, and molds effortlessly into a myriad of designs.It can be used for practically any type of clothing.
  • Moisture Management: One of Tencel's standout features is its ability to manage moisture effectively. The fibers are structured to regulate the absorption and release of moisture, thereby reducing bacterial growth without the need for chemical additives. This attribute not only enhances the hygiene factor but also means that Tencel™ garments stay fresher for longer, making them perfect for those active days or tropical climates where perspiration might be a concern.

Fashion today is emphasizing both style and sustainability. Tencel™ is an embodiment of the idea that we need not compromise on luxury or comfort to make environmentally sound choices.

Is Tencel™ Better than Cotton?

While cotton has its own well-known legacy in the fashion world, Tencel™ fabric brings to the table a contemporary edge with its eco-friendly nature. Cotton cultivation can often demand immense water, and it isn't always sustainably sourced. The use of pesticides and fertilizers in cotton cultivation can also sometimes run off into local waterways, impacting marine life and water quality.

Tencel, on the other hand, hails from sustainably managed forests, ensuring a reduced environmental footprint. This revolutionary fabric has been gaining traction in the Philippines for its sustainable promise coupled with its adaptability to the nation's humid conditions. Tencel's silky-smooth feel offers a cooling effect, making it a sought-after fabric for the sweltering Philippine heat.

Beyond comfort, Tencel™ resonates deeply with the country's increasing environmental consciousness. Derived from sustainably harvested forests, Tencel's manufacturing process employs chemicals that are recycled, minimizing waste and environmental impact. Furthermore, compared to cotton, Tencel's closed-loop production means less water usage and fewer harmful emissions.

Tencel™ is carving its own niche, championing sustainability and offering a refreshing alternative tailored to the country's unique environmental and climatic needs. As Filipino consumers become more eco-aware, the shift towards fabrics like Tencel™ that embody both luxury and responsibility becomes even more pronounced.

A Spotlight on Catalan’s Latest Collection

Nestled in the heart of this fabric revolution is Catalan, a brand that embraces the promise of Tencel. Their latest collection, shot against the idyllic backdrop of Boracay, Philippines, is an ode to the fabric's charm. The Tencel™ Leisure Shorts are perfect for a breezy summer day, while the Tencel™ Wide Sleeve Blouse merges elegance with everyday wear. Meanwhile, the Tencel™ Ruched String Dress and the Tencel™ Reversible Ribbon-Tie Smock Dress are a testament to the design versatility that this fabric offers.






Tencel™ Ruched String Dress





It's no surprise that Catalan Philippines is setting trends, reflecting the brand’s commitment to curate high-quality lifestyle pieces that are closet staples. Their Tencel™ capsule collection is a testament to the brand’s dedication to marrying fashion with environmental responsibility.

The journey from forest to fashion is not just a tagline; it's a movement. It’s one that Tencel™ and the Catalan brand champion fervently. As we weave our way into the future, it's materials like Tencel™ that ensure our wardrobe choices are both stylish and responsible. So the next time you think fabric, think Tencel. It’s nature’s way of saying, "Here's style, sustainability, and sublime comfort– all rolled into one." 

Check out Catalan’s latest catalog here today!

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