Jetting Off to Amanpulo with Catalan

Jetting Off to Amanpulo with Catalan
Jetting Off to Amanpulo with Catalan

Heads up: Catalan’s coming to Amanpulo! Picture this: whispers of gentle waves kissing white sand shores. A secluded paradise where nature's touch paints a picture of idyllic serenity. Amanpulo, nestled in the Cuyo Archipelago of northern Palawan, stands as an untouched sanctuary. The private island of Pamalican is like a pearl nestled within the embrace of azure waters, wrapped in lush greenery, and caressed by the softest breezes.

Catalan perfectly complements the essence of Amanpulo, and you can get your hands on our artfully designed pieces for your beach OOTDs.

Why Amanpulo?

The pristine beaches, the tranquil water sports experience, the secluded coves, and the jungle-clad lookouts are luxury and peace embodied. Amanpulo embodies tranquility, elegance, and nature’s untouched beauty.

Amanpulo epitomizes the zenith of luxury resort living. This isn’t surprising considering it’s by the Aman group, an emblem of luxury emerging from Asia that has earned global accolades as the pinnacle of plush resort brands. Renowned for its discretion and a favorite among celebrities, Aman seamlessly integrates the locale's rich tapestry with its ultra-luxurious service. Whether one chooses the beachfront serenity of a Casita starting at P70,874 per night or the lush seclusion of a Villa scaling up to P419,787, the experience is an unforgettable orchestration of sublime luxury and quietude.

Catalan elegantly brings to life its values through our different, artfully designed collections. It's a match made in paradise. At Amanpulo, Catalan finds a muse and a home– where luxury feels organic, where elegance is as breezy as the island winds.

Dressed in Catalan Elegance

Multiway Ruffle Wrap Skirt

Imagine laying on the beach or strolling down the sandy shores with the sun gently warming your skin, adorned in our multiway wrap skirt. Its fluid silhouette dances with the wind as you stroll along the beach, embodying grace with every step. The ruffle detail gives it extra flair, making it a great base for any outfit.

Catalan Asymmetric Linen String Dress

Or perhaps you’re clad in our asymmetric linen string dress, which whispers stories of sunsets and sea waves with its design. This dreamy dress provides ample coverage in the front and features an open back, which makes it breezy and perfect for the beach.

Tencel™ Ruched String Dress

The Tencel™ Ruched String Dress is yet another ode to the sophisticated simplicity. The string-tied back and gartered waistline helps it fit like a glove on any body type. Crafted sustainably, it merges eco-consciousness with style, something the conscious traveler to Amanpulo will surely appreciate.

Tencel™ Reversible Ribbon-Tie Smock Dress

If you’re looking for something more flowy for the beach, the Tencel™ Reversible Ribbon-Tie Smock Dress may be your best bet. It’s reversible with puff sleeves, making it comfortable and breathable.

Luxury, Simplified with Catalan

Catalan’s penchant for elegance is not about extravagance. It’s about feeling– a luxurious experience that isn’t just seen but deeply felt. Much like the experience Amanpulo promises. It’s an understated opulence that resonates with the soul, a harmonious blending of comfort, style, and authenticity.

As you plan your escape to this tropical haven, remember that the magic isn’t just in the destination, but in how you experience it. Catalan's curated collection promises to be your perfect partner, enhancing every moment, making every sunset a little more mesmerizing, every stroll a tad more poetic.

In essence, jetting off to Amanpulo with Catalan is not just a journey to a destination. It’s an experience that promises to stay with you even long after you've left the white sands and crystal-clear waters behind. Watch out for Catalan’s opening in Amanpulo soon!